Thursday, April 28, 2011

February Flight Challenge.

This entry is so long overdue! It is written for a competition held by my amazing friend Athira Hani/Trex. Hope you like it, somewhat ridiculous.

Bayangkan korang melalui detik-detik mendebarkan apabila kapal terbang mengalami kerosakan jentera dan korang terpaksa terjun dari kapal terbang sebagai satu-satunya pilihan yang ada!

Okay Trex, you asked for it =)


I couldn't shake this feeling, this acute anxiety I happened to diagnose myself ever since the co-pilot announced, 'Dear passengers, we are experiencing some turbulence in the air but rest assured, we are taking care of this. Fasten your seat belt though'.

I was not convinced. Then it happened again, the second 'turbulence', as he called it. Only this time, the plane was madly shaken, suddenly everyone was screaming and me, looking at them, analyzing.

Just a moment later, steward number one stood before us, instructing on how
to use a parachute. Looked easy, I told myself. The next thing I knew they were all standing, each with their parachutes, ready to go. The horror! That was when realization hit me. We had to get out of the plan, stat, or we'd be dead meat.

Turbulence my ass. If I got out of this alive, the CEO of BB Airline will get my personal letter, I made a mental note to myself.

I was the last passenger to jump. Smiling awkwardly to steward number one I mumbled, 'I kinda like you, maybe we should hang out some time'. Okay I admitted. That was an awkward and out of place thing to say, considering the situation we were in but hey, what if this was the last moments of my life?

To my astonishment he replied, 'oh sugar, how about dinner on Friday?'. Patting my shoulder he gave one last grin and I jumped into the air, screaming my lungs out.

My heart was pumping erratically I could feel it pounding against my chest cavity. I tried to balance myself but to no avail then I remember the parachute. Easy peasy, just pull the blue string and you are done. Except..... there was no blue string. Or any colours for that matter. My god, I am dying aren't I.

In one last attempt to find the string I felt salty water running through my cheeks. Self,this wasn't the time to cry. They said when you were on the brink of death you'd see flashes of occurences happening throughout your life. But I did not(was it a good thing?) I was coming close to the sea now wherever this was there better not have sharks!, closing my eyes I prayed hard, 'Let me live'. Then everything went black.


I struggled just to get these eyes open. Where was I? The mattress felt soft on my back. I tried to stand but somehow the pitch black darkness seemed to aggravate the matter. I fell. And was I dreaming? I felt the bed moved. Like, in waves. Then a lot of sticky fluid coming from the other side.

What if, a whale ate me?
I heard myself laughing.
Then I passed out.


This time I woke up in a real bed, someone holding my hand. She must have sensed me waking up for suddenly she was wide awake, her eyes blotched. 'Oh you woke up' I fought hard with my inner self, commanding my brain to send signals to my vocal cord so it could actually produce some voice hopefully and when I did my own voice sounded strange to my ear.

'Professor McGonagall? I-I, w-we didnt mean to do it!' Why was I apologising?She would deduct the points from Gryffindor anyway.'Uhm, is Harry safe? Ron? My Ron,did he make it?Please please tell me they are doing okay.Professor Dumbledore is going to be mad at us.'

And I had no idea why she went full mode crying. Seriously, did we kill someone this time? 'Dont worry about it, just get some rest, honey' Then I drifted to sleep.


27 April-Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia- An aspiring young doctor suffered amnesia and identity crisis after one week in coma. Dr Maryam AH, is one of the few survivors reported from the Boeing 997 crash heading to Heathrow, London on that fateful day 17th April. She woke up yesterday and upon
questioning, 'DO you know who you are' her response was, 'Of course I do,silly, but in case you wanna know who I am, it's Hermione Granger and I'm late for Potion. Excuse me'.

God bless this woman.

Reported by: Adam Hatta for Malaysian Daily.



  1. imaginasi awk mmg melampau yam!haha
    great writing.yep it is.

    musti byk gile fanfic awk pernah tulis kan :D

  2. Bahaha name pon fiction =P
    Yay thankyouuu

    Hahaha mane awk tau ni :') kalu sy kua novel awk wajib beli

  3. ko masuk hospital st mungo sebelah katil Gilderoy Lockhart ke mayau?? LOL!

    sumpah aku terpaksa tahan gelak (sebab bace time keje :P) mana ada org nak mati sempat ngorat lagiiiiii!!!!!!!!! arghhhhhhh!!!!!

  4. Hahaha. :)
    Darling, this is the best masterpiece I've ever read! You are my master now. "Under your command, master." -bows-

  5. Rex;
    Haha taklah, ak masok ppukm =D I'm deluded, remember?

    Bahhaaha sejak bila ko cover gelak ni :PP adoi this is serious, trex. People is dying, why are you laughing! keh2.


    Syah,mi dear;
    Haha hope you're well entertained! Love, you bow to NO ONE okay.

  6. ecah bow sbab entri die kena tolak, eh eh terkantoikan plak. kekekeeke~

  7. Eh? hahahaaa.
    Nak bace versi ko plak Rex!


  8. omg baby! you are soooo imaginative! god one!

  9. Haha thanks Fedit, means a lot! mwah. Xx