Thursday, February 12, 2015

Parallel worlds.

I think, all these years, my whole existence, only today when I watched the speech that I feel, like for the first time in my life, I hear you. I wanted to tell you that. That I really hear you. The world is indeed a dangerous and scary place and I am not ready to smash out from my comfort zone, yet.

What does it feel like? To witness what - as you put it the raw human sufferings first hand?, and that you get to know the truth behind-not just mere speculations?

Sometimes you see things, horribly terrible events and they kind of stuck with you forever. I don't mean the kind of image like once in Med School where we used to observe autopsies and the smell, oh how they lingers! but only for a short while and after that it goes away.

Your job, my job, we are privileged to step into the intimate moments that even the closest family members sometimes not able to experience. At times it feel like I am invading their privacy. Do you feel that way, too?

So dear Mr HF, would you do me the honor of answering: 'How do you control whether to let those things you've seen, affects you or not?' yeah I know it is cowardly of me (even absurd) to ask it here but hey, bite me.

I may look strong and unfazed by everything but deep inside I am nothing but a marshmallow.

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