Sunday, September 11, 2011

The art of playing it cool

And it used to intimidate me had a senior doctor stand right before me; this time at about 1 feet distance, man did I tried. To answer her question intelligently that I looked into every corners, kinks in the brain but.....eeek you know how it went. So there she was, in such proximity, eyes-to-eyes. I of course, could not recall the fact and went for that look. Unfazed.

"That's the problem with you medical students, you rely too much on your notes, books that somehow you neglect to understand it", she had said during rounds days ago.

WHEN you do not know the answer, don't linger, don't laugh sheepishly, just don't. Just say; I'm not sure, or I don't know. AND do not apologize every 5 seconds either, godssake.


Have you ever felt so angry towards someone that you could slap that person with a 44/16? Or you felt so wronged that you thought whatever you said that time wouldn't matter? But you did nothing. Not even flinching, not even blinking. You're unresponsive, even though all fibres in your body fought so hard for dominance, to take over. This is where; patience is virtue dude. When a response is clearly needed, don't give it.

Play it cool.

Love the swings, mom.

ps/ Into second phase Paediatrics already, still haven't covered NICU's learning issues! wuu


  1. omg girl! your background is soooo truly u! and yes. u did play it cool!

  2. pic kt buaian 2 comel, first tyme tgk yam posing sengih cam2..hahaha very nice kegembiraan terserlah disitu senyuman melalui mate 2

  3. Haha very funny. Mcna, jemput datang uma main swings