Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh, I've got to do this.

I'm officially waving goodbye to October, and Hellllloooo November. I am no psychic but November this year, it's gunna get hectic. Messy.

Let's recap October:
1. You Me at Six. ( discovered this band during study leave. EPIC)
2. Finals. ( I cannot even. Urgh. Tawakkal)
3. My 22nd birthday! 
4. Real Steel. (dude, what a movie. Seriously, what.) 
5. The Hunger Games trilogy. ( Tom Fletcher spoke so highly of it I'm dying of curiosity. Thanks to Najwae for the ebook. And Cashmere, for being so convenience. )

Cashmere aka Cash, the royal companion.

Now, now. 
1. Triad posting starts tomorrow. (still October, I realized that, but meh) I've been reading the anatomy of the ear for days! :^) keep that attitude huh.

2. AND AND the highlight of this point - I am so joining NaNoWriMo this year! It stands for National Novel Writing Month. Held every November, all you've gotta do is write, write and write. Basically 50k words in a month! phew. Even more fantastic, I know what I'll be writing :)

Here's a sneak peak. 

Ha. What the title says. 

Q and A session:
Q: The title looks familiar, but I can't figure it out. What is it eh?
A: Oooo it's from a song called Parallel Worlds by Elliot Minor. It's an inspiration. Read the lyrics, you're going to have a general idea of my story.

My minds playing up, again, and someone's there
The room is getting colder now
The light swings again
And I'm scared, cos someone's there

I'm stuck against a wall I can't make a move
My heart beat stops
I'm scared of this time cos I can't make a line
Say once again it proves just to be difficult
I'm feeling nervous but it's nothing I cannot do
I'm stuck in a dimension where it's hard to breath
And it's still true, I'm losing my mind, I'm falling
Someone help me what can I do!

Trapped in your world where you're burning in my eyes
You're like a shadow that never hides......

I'm stuck in parallel worlds, it's something supernatural, it wont let me go
It's paranormal and no one else believes me,
I feel so alone again.

Q: So it's not a rip off of the Supernatural show you're currently and forever obsessed about?
A: No, that I can guarantee. The characters aren't Dean, Sam, Bobby, and no demons either!

Q: So who's the star?
A: It's Dougie, Dougie Poynter from Essex. He's the talent, my big star. At least for the time being. Until I figure my own character cos I'm thinking of writing an original, y'know? Not a fanfiction/based on movies. 

Q: Can you tell more about the story?
A: Nope, afraid not. I have not done the plot doctoring myself. Later alright? 

Take care, you lovely people.