Tuesday, January 10, 2012

At 70

How do you imagine yourself in let's say 10 years time? Allah wills that you are still here kicking and living - what is on your mind?

Okay kids, that is your homework before you went to bed tonight. Moving on - yesterday, I went for home visit. That's where you visit patients at their homes. Ha ha ha funny aren't I. Anyway, first house. Getting inside, there was a bed at the living room with an old man. Enter a young adult, girl - shake her hand. Then two older women, and another old woman(oldest). Shake shake. Thought they were all not related, just patients with illnesses living together. No. Found out their identities - grandmother, grandfather, daughter, daughter, granddaughter. All with the same diagnosis - schizophrenia. Eh no, the grandfather did not have it. My god, the whole family - was my precise thought. The nurses refilled their meds and the doctor went to his hello - how are you feeling today - everything okay? mode.

Cutting a story short, the errands were all done by the grandmother. Not that she runs everything, but most of the thinking like getting OKU cards, applying from kebajikan, all her doings. At some point grandma's mood was suddenly altered, that she began to cry as she let out her problems. So sad. Can you imagine, at 70, she had to deal with that kind of things? I'm so grateful my grandma is still okay.......mentally. Ah, what is sane anyway.

Now this is really important. Parents do play a great deal in child's personality. You see, in case like Schizophrenia for example, there is no gene identifiable that is responsible for the illness but there is the gene that makes you susceptible in getting the illness. Just. And there is the imitation theory. Ever heard imitation is the best  form of flattery? Yep. Only in this case there is nothing flattering. Imagine, the girl who is staying with three adults with peculiar behaviours. Now now, if you read schizophrenia they don't exhibit the symptoms all time....aish....understand or not.....

Another house. Patient was the daughter, she had difficulty getting up from the bed and she lives with her mom who has dementia and dad with parkinson. Dad does all the chores. And the mom, she said she no longer wanted to be in this world. I don't know how to react but said, Makcik, kesian nanti pakcik tinggal sorang dengan anak. Ah I wished I was a better speaker!

My point being - if you are reading this, consider yourself lucky. Very lucky. And be grateful for it! For only God knows, they suffer a lot.



  1. Thanks for such a beautiful reminder, honey! (=

  2. n a j w a e:
    Understand or not?! wakaka

    Ha hope the message is well conveyed <3.