Wednesday, June 21, 2017

To Him

If darkness has a face, it would resemble hers, somehow that thought crossed her mind. It was pitch black outside and the silence deafening. It was not the eerie kind of silent that a graveyard usually yielded, but more of a comfortable silences. She didnt even hear the usual suspects outside (the birds that has been  living on her porch,  they are usually loud, but not tonight). Even the birds has gone to bed, she deducted. Somehow, she could not bring herself to sleep.

A Japanese legend said that if you can't sleep at night, it is because you are awake in someone else's dream. All of a sudden, the hair on her skins stood straight and she felt a chill down her spine. Whoever was dreaming about her would you be kind and stop? Dream of something else- riding a unicorn over the milky way, perhaps. Or jump into Niagara falls, for that matter. Her mind was almost always preoccupied with mindless things. She was a proud over - thinker and while she was still awake at this wee hour, she had an epiphany. 

All this time she was alone, she never felt lonely. There was a kind of presence that was keeping her company and safe, a higher power up above. It struck her odd, as she wasnt always a good soldier. There were times, when she was weak that she slipped. Sinning wasnt her intention, she did it out of bad habit yet He is patient with her. He waited for her to come back to him, even after she strayed. 

And for always believing in her, for being so kind and understanding and most importantly Most Forgiving, thank you, My Lord, she whispered. 


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