Sunday, August 18, 2013

The day I died twice

It was the 25th of March this year. I remember the date because, well, see the title up there?

First event was, the holiday was over and I was on airplane headed to Kuala Lumpur. I was seated in the middle, a young guy at my right and a lady at the left. The lady and I shared few details about anything and everything at once - yknow, the typical conversation between strangers, me going back to uni, she and her husband attending a wedding etcetera etcetera before I went on reading A Christmas Carol - cos I like my plane material reading light. Then the most frightening, goose bumps chilling down my vertebra, happened. 


(minus the jumping off of the plane & amnesia part)

The whole situation was real and surreal. As real as how humid it was in a typical Malaysian whether, as surreal as to how did I manage to finish five years of medical school & going to practice soon. I thought I was dying, well I died, but my soul didn't leave me. Freaking out inside, I grabbed the lady's hand and did the most logical, the only thing a person could/would do considering the situation and altitude, I prayed. I closed my eyes and prayed and prayed, glanced at everyone, thinking did I ever have to re-enact the post I wrote and continued my prayer.

Who thought what you wrote would haunt you for real?
Oh, cheer up everyone. We landed smooth and proper and gracious at the airport.

That lead to event number two.

Stepping my foot on the land, I was adamant about getting something done. Something I had yearned for such a long time. 

I searched for his name in my contacts and let him know he was one of the people I was thinking of in my brink of death. And hopefully, we live happily ever after.
Not a chance. If I died, I'd take my secrets with me :) (I can keep a secret)

Okay, for real, I went to Mid Valley, purchased the iPhone and grabbed me some cheeseburger from Burger King and well, consider that dying of happiness. 

What is the purpose of this post

You can't escape Death. Once Fate has gotten its leash on you, you go.
I tried to live responsibly since.
I kept thinking, what if I died? Who'd miss me? Who'd have my in their prayers? Have I lived well?

I can't wait to start working. 
I want to help people.
You'll get into the story another time, inshaa Allah 


  1. cerita tergantung di tengah jln.deymmm.. baru rasa excited nak tahu what happened.

  2. Apa yg tergantung Madi? rase nye dah cerita semua. Haha.

  3. Thank god you are still here. If not, cannot come to Wanda's wedding then how? hehe

  4. True, dat. Can't wait for the wedding! x